Appropriate Healthcare Technologies Conference

September 2016

Health Partners International presented two posters under the Appropriate Healthcare Technologies track as part of the Mechanical Engineering Institute Bioengineering Conference 2016.

HPI presented one poster on its Electronic Learning Management System (ELMS) which enables access to quality teaching materials and empowers teaching staff to present existing training curricula with the help of feature rich e-learning material. ELMS is an integrated hardware and software solution addressing many of the barriers faced by communities in low resource settings in accessing up-to-date educational materials. ELMS is a low-cost sustainable information storage and e-learning option currently being piloted in northern Nigeria on the Women for Health programme.

HPI’s second poster  on PLAMAHS (Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services) highlighted a solution for physical asset management at all levels of the health systems and is a key instrument for health system strengthening in low and middle income countries.

The conference brought together healthcare technologists, clinicians, researchers and public bodies from around the world to explore effective engineering solutions to meet the healthcare problems in low resource settings. This was a great opportunity to present our work in healthcare technologies at a global level and network with other organisations and professionals.

Download the posters that were presented below:

Electronic Learning Management System (ELMS)

PLAMAHS Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services.